Monday, April 13, 2015


I personally have never been to Coachella, but I'm planning on attending next year. Over the years, I have heard advice on Coachella and all the do's and don'ts of the experience. Some of these would be do not camp, bring sunglasses, and get your outfits in advance. I have also heard the other side that vouches for the "in the dirt" experience of camping. You wake up on the lot and you're ready to go. In my opinion, I would personally want to camp at least once in my life, but I would much prefer a place that you can shower. No matter how you get there, whether it be waking up in a tent, or taking the dreaded shuttle, you eventually will get to participate in all Coachella has to offer. The things that make up Coachella can be categorized as good food, good music, the famous ferris wheel and not to mention, the excellent people watching. I plan to attend Coachella next year and have photos of my own of the experience.